1880 Information Service Center Launched!


    SEATEL 1880 Information Service Center has formally launched since Nov.1!


    Making advantages of SEATEL 4G HD IVR, 1880 Information Service Center provides weather forecast, brief news, lottery, water stage and agricultural information to audiences with the principle of practicability and fun.

    Agricultural information is the program serving for farmers, daily price of agricultural products, policies, news and knowledges on agriculture, Production Techniques will be offered,helping farmers with per harvest.

    Weather forecast & water stage are also essential for agriculture! They will be updated daily in order to schedule irrigation time reasonably and avoid climate disasters!

    Brief news will be updated 3 times per day,real-time & immediate!

    Lottery information of LETOT will be released at the same time. With high money return rate,LELOT is easy to play,SEATEL guarantees for this business and never cheat!

    Dial 1880, enjoy abundant information easily and comfortably!

    Action now!


018 users dial 1880 directly, during trial operation, free of service fee and calling fee!

Non 018 users please dial 0188001880, free service fee, call fee are charged by the respective operators.