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Samsung released Android Nougat 7.0 updates in Cambodia! Fulfilling excellent experience for Seatel 4G users!

    Manufacture Giant Samsung has roll out the Android Nougat 7.0 updates to Cambodia. Some 018 users asked about the stability of Nougat, and compatibility to Seatel network. Definitely, the answer is positive.  


Below we have a quick list of key features you should know: 

    Split-screen mode, Redesigned notifications, Quick reply, Data saver, Doze mode on the Go, Privacy protection, New Emoji, etc.

(Split-screen mode)

    The compatibility is the most concerned. In field test, all popular Apps like Facebook, YouTube, LINE, run smoothly under Android 7.0, without even a single failure.  Besides, HD calls get connected within 1 second, through Seatel VoLTE network.


    Seatel provides the fastest & the most stable network in Cambodia, which helps you access to internet anytime & anywhere in Cambodia, keeping you posted to the latest information.   

How to update:

       Android smartphone owners can manually start OTA in “Settings – About Devices – System Updates” on the Samsung smartphone.



   We may suggest starting the update under WIFI environment, as the OTA files are more than 1300MB.  Even better, if you are using 018 phone numbers, you can dial 1800*33* to subscribe night package, which includes unlimited high-speed data, from 11:00pm to 09:00am in next morning. 


Wrap Up:

  Android 7.0 is completely compatible to Seatel’s most advanced 4G VoLTE mobile network. High quality calls, ultra-fast 4G internet, fast running smartphones, form the best user experience. The update is available for Samsung Note5/S6/S6E/S6E+/S7/S7E now! You can get assistance at any of Seatel Shops (Opens at weekend & holidays), or call our service hotline 1800 / 0189800800.