BOC Phnom Penh Branch Leaders Visited SEATEL’s CDC


  On October 11, 2017, CHEN Changjiang, President of Bank of China (BOC) Phnom Penh Branch and his colleagues, 4 persons in total, visited SEATEL’s Cloud Data Center. SEATEL Group Chairman ZUO Huazheng and President HAN Hanchou received the guests from BOC Phnom Penh Branch.


  The leaders of BOC Phnom Penh Branch visited SEATEL's Cloud Data Center and Cambodia Youth Sci-Technology Education Base with great interest. President Chen praised that within not long time since incorporation EATEL has made amazing achievements in construction and subscriber development, having obtained good comments from Cambodian government and consumers. Having seen “Cambodia Cloud Data Center” Plaque certified by General Department of Posts & Telecommunications under Cambodian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and SEATEL’s great enthusiasm in social welfare, President Chen thought SEATEL great, winning honor for Chinese-funded enterprises in Cambodia. In Cambodia Youth Sci-Technology Education Base covering 1,000 square meters, President Chen and the delegate visited and experienced history of human evolution, brief history of communication, high pressure discharge, induction drum, 3D print, robot show, virtual bowling, simulated plane driving and 5D movie, etc.


  After the BOC guests watched SEATEL Brief Video and listened to SEATEL Business Presentation made by President Han Hanchou, Chairman ZUO Huazheng and President HAN Hanchou communicated with President CHEN on business cooperation.


  As Deputy President of China Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, President CHEN expressed he would introduce SEATEL’s Cloud Data Center to other Chinese enterprises and invite more Chinese-funded enterprises in Cambodia to visit it.

By: Mr. ZHANG Yudong