Chief Engineer ZHANG Feng of China MIIT Inspected SEATEL



  On 3 December, 2017, Chief Engineer ZHANG Feng of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of P R China, together with Director ZHAO Zhiguo of Cyber Security Department of MIIT, Deputy Director LIU Ziping of International Cooperation Department of MIIT and Deputy Director CHEN Lidong of Information and Telecom Development Department of MIIT inspected South East Asia Telecom (Cambodia) Co, Ltd (SEATEL) with companion of SEATEL Group Chairman ZUO Huazheng and President HAN Hanchou. 


  At first, Chief Engineer ZHANG Feng and his delegation came to SEATEL’s HQ located at downtown of Phnom Penh and visited the shop at Floor G at HQ. ZHANG Feng expressed surprise and appreciation to SEATEL, China’s first private enterprise to invest, build and operate high technological mobile telecom and Internet service. He carefully watched 50 types of 4G VoLTE mobile phones and MINI WIFI, warmly talking to Cambodian staff who can speak Chinese, asking business status and their working experience in Chinese funded enterprise. When he was told local staff accounting for nearly 90% and staff salary was good, Chief Engineer ZHANG Feng praised SEATEL’s “Company Development, Employees’ Happiness” culture again and again; meanwhile Chief Engineer ZHANG Feng identified with SEATEL’s operation idea “Your needs guide our endeavors” so much.


  Later Chief Engineer ZHANG Feng and his delegation came to SEATEL’s Cloud Data Center. Having seen Cloud Data Center Park covering 20 thousand square meters and Main Building of Cloud Data Center completed within only 7 months, as well as core server room equipment provided by Huawei and ZTE, storage battery equipment made in China and most of SEATEL mobile phones are from Huawei, Xiaomi or tailor-made in China, he said SEATEL’s overseas investment drove Chinese capacity transferred to overseas, helping relevant companies expand overseas market. When he was told that SEATEL was the first full network 4G VoLTE telecom operator certified by GSMA and SEATEL’s Cloud Data Center certified by General Department of Posts& Communications, MPTC as “Cambodia Cloud Data Center”, he considered SEATEL won honor for China. They also visited and experienced Cambodia Youth Sci-Tech Education Base invested heavily by SEATEL and open to the public for free, including Holographic Photography, Music Corridor, High-Voltage Discharge, 3D Printing, Robot Performance, Simulated Flight, Virtual Bowling, Smart Home, 5D Movie, Environmental Energy, Human History, Angkor History, Communication Brief History and so on. Chief Engineer ZHANG Feng said it was the first Youth Sci-Tech Education Base built by overseas Chinese funded enterprise, having great significance for local society and the young people and showing SEATEL was a conscientious enterprise full of social sense.


  After visit to SEATEL’s Cloud Data Center and Cambodia Youth Sci-Tech Education Base, Chief Engineer ZHANG Feng listened to work report by SEATEL Group Chairman ZUO Huazheng and communicated with Chairman ZUO Huazheng, President HAN Hanchou and other SEATEL management. He expressed congratulations to SEATEL for the amazing achievements gained within less than 3 years, considering that SEATEL has obtained high acceptance from Cambodia Government and People, suggesting SEATEL shall promote itself in China to bring more financial and ICT companies go abroad together and expanding overseas market jointly.


  Deputy President YANG Liqun, Deputy President QIN Heren and Deputy President XIA Peng of SEATEL Group and Deputy GM BAN Wei and CAO ZHANG Yudong of SEATEL Cambodia accompanied this inspection.