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Tariff & Service

What favorable packages does Seatel offer?

Seatel offers favorable, flexible, simple, tailor-made packages according to different consumption customs as follows:

  • We recommend “30 Days Plan" for $1-$4 monthly consumption subscribers, including data, voice and SMS, available for 30 days! Only $4 per month includes limitless data and limitless on-net calls!

  • We recommend “Freedom Plan” for $5 or more monthly consumption subscriber. 

Data: Deduct by what subscriber consumes, $1 every time for buying data, discount accelerated automatically, and data available for 60 days and transferrable at wish!

Voice:$2 In-net Call Package, including limitless in-net calls (available for 30 days)!

Recommendation: Data+ Voice in Freedom Package, more convenient and more economic! 

I often surf on Internet at night, what favorable package does Seatel provide?

Seatel Night Package, only USD0.1/night, provides 10-hour limitless high speed Internet surfing and limitless in-net calls at night (23:00-9:00).

Sea Happy Journey

What service is there in SEA Happy Journey Package and how much is it?

Seatel's "SEA Happy Journey" package provides rental service of 7 days/30 days mobile phone and mobile WIFI for tourists, the fee is: 5 USD/20 USD with limitless Internet data.

How to rent Seatel mobile phone and return it?

Rent Mobile Phone: handle it at Seatel shop at Phnom Penh/ Siam Reap/ Sihanoukville Airport or Seatel HQ shop (#149, St432, Phnom Penh) with passport.

Return Mobile Phone: handle it at any Seatel shop with passport and rented device. (For deposit refunding and shop address details, please log in

Why does Seatel provide mobile phone rental service instead of sales of SIM card?

Seatel owns the biggest and fastest pure 4G Network across Cambodia, so Seatel can provide mobile phone rental service matching Network perfectly, which brings good using experience for subscribers without Internet access speed falls. Meanwhile rented mobile phone contains Seatel APP, Tourist Assistant, providing key information about shopping, restaurant, hotel and transportation, etc as well as online interpretation service.

Seatel WIFI

How to get Seatel WIFI service?

If you have got Seatel WIFI account, you only need log-in in Seatel WIFI coverage. If you have not yet got Seatel WIFI account, please scan the following QR code with Seatel 018 mobile phone or other smart mobile phone and download SEASHOP APP, install and register in it. 

After successful installation and registration (018 subscribers log in directly), please click Telecom at homepage and click WIFI Service. Details see

How much is fee of Seatel WIFI ?

Major 2 fee levels are:1 USD or 0.5 USD.

For Seatel 018 subscribers, the fee is 1 USD = 5 GB, or 0.5 USD = 2GB. 

For non Seatel 018 subscribers, the fee is 1 USD = 3GB, or 0.5 USD = 1GB.

Group Services

What Group Customer Services does Seatel have?

Seatel provides Group Customer with comprehensive tailor-made products and integrated telecom solutions, fulfilling information requirements of customers from various industries and different levels.

Group Customer Services: Dedicated Internet Access, Dedicated Data Line, Cloud Hosting, IDC Hosting, OA mobile office, fixed telephone, video conference, enterprise email, vehicle GPS, App development, etc.

How to consult or handle group customer service?

Please call Seatel Customer Service Hotline 0189800800/1800 or contact your Group Customer Service Manager.

4G VoLTE & Others

What is 4G VoLTE ?

4G VoLTE is voice service based on IMS. Seatel 4G VoLTE Network provides not only high speed data service but also high quality voice calling service. 

Why cannot Seatel SIM card be used in other mobile phones?

Now Seatel uses 4G B5/B7 frequency band network, so mobile phones must support 4G B5/B7 frequency band and VoLTE. Seatel has provided many high performance/price mobile phone types, details in

Mobile phone cannot make call and only can surf on Internet, Why?

Mobile phone shall support VoLTE and open VoLTE setting in making call in VoLTE. Open VoLTE setting: click Settings-Wireless Network-Cellular Networks-Enhanced 4G LTE. If still unavailable, please go to Seatel shop.

How to tether mobile phone Internet access?

In order to share mobile phone Internet access, please click Settings – Wireless Network – Tethering& portable hotspot – Wi-Fi hotspot – On, other device opened WLAN can tether Internet access.

How to update mobile phone software?

If the mobile phone is connected to Internet, click Settings-About Device-Wireless update-Check for updates, once update of mobile phone software is checked, updating will be downloaded.

Which mobile phone bands are open for the public by Seatel? How to apply for Seatel mobile phone?

Now Seatel opens 018 number band for the public, all phone numbers in the band is available for selection. At our SEASHOP APP, all phone numbers with value less than $300 are selectable at wishes, those phone numbers with value more than $300 shall be applied to Marketing Department.

24 Hours Service Line:0189 800 800