Great! $500 Lottery Prize Cashed


In the morning of August 9, the lottery consumer buying KPW lottery ticket at Seatel 432 Shop was found to win $500, the biggest bonus within 1 month since Seatel sells KPW lottery tickets as agent.


It’s learned that this lottery consumer bought LL lottery ticket (Constant Good Luck, unit price 4,000 Riels), the grand prize is $20,000 of this kind lottery, this guy hits the 3rd price $500.


Seatel starts to sell KPW as agent from this moth, 8 kinds of lottery with price from 1,000 Riels to 8,000 Riels are available. The jackpot is up to $50,000 at most.  So far, Seatel 432 Shop, Monivong Shop & Mao Tse Toung Shop have gone on sale, the rest Seatel Shops across the whole nation will follow soon & gradually.

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