What is “Free Sea-coins Everyday”Activity?

As majority of fans’ request, Seatel “Big Bonus Every Month” will be migrated and upgraded to Seatel APP Seashop starting from August 2016 and previous lottery mode will be stopped. New “Big Bonus Every month” will have more fun features, and cover more winners. Seatel will release300, 000 Sea-coins monthly for the lucky draw (1Sea-coin = 1 Cent, that is, 3000USD/month).
First round is “lucky draw wheel” with high winning probability, everyone can play the maximum 5 times/day and the highest prize is 100 Sea-coins each time. Sea-coins can be used for top-up, purchasing petrol, etc. More entertaining games with prizes will be launched soon.

What Can I do with Sea-coins?

Sea-coins can be used in Seashop APP, 1 Sea-coin equal to 1 cent. In APP we could spend them for top-up, gas purchase, online-shopping, etc.
Buy gas at Total chains via Seashop APP, users can enjoy discounts up to 5% off.

  • Buy Gas at Total ®
  • Phone Top-up
  • Online Shopping

How to Join?

Simply Sign in Seashop APP, then play!
Scan QR-code to install,or download from link: http://app.seatelgroup.com/dl/shop/

*Seashop is Seatel’s official customer service app. It provides services such as bill inquiry, top-up, data management and other Seatel services. Seashop also has a variety of featured services such as Online Shop, M-Pay, and Lucky Draw. It is compatible with Android & iOS mobile system, Seashop ensures you hearted service anywhere any time.