Challenging loneliness! Caring orphans (Solicitudes on orphans)!

On the journey of our lives, each of us is a pedestrian with loneliness!

To endure loneliness, we overcome the mediocrity!

10000 USD prize awaits you!

The king of loneliness, SEATEL is expecting your challenge!

Primary election

  • Sincere thanks for your support! The registration time of SEATEL Loneliness Challenge Game (Season 2) has passed on February 25, 24:00.
  • Right now we are winnowing all registrants. After the comprehensive quality evaluation and health check, 10 candidates will enter into next phase"Fans voting".They will be rewarded one 4G VoLTE phone by Seatel.
  • You can click"like"for your favorite candidates from March 11. The top 3 candidates who get the most “like” will win the quality to participate in the Final Challenge Game, which will be broadcasted 24 hour uninterrupted live.
  • All activity information will be released on Seatel Facebook page,click to visit.
  • Please stay tuned, excitement continued

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Medical security services provided by first center polyclinic

Seatel Loneliness Challenge Game is a reality show in Cambodia nationwide which is held primarily by SEATEL Company and assisted by relative Cambodian TV and internetworking Medias.

The game requires candidates to live in the rooms isolated on the condition that the basic daily-living needs are guaranteed. The candidates will be rewarded with different amount of cash according to the rank based on their duration period. The entire game will be displayed as live-show. All the candidates must behave well mentally and physically.

During the challenge game, the candidates can enjoy the entertainments such as shooting Ping-Pong balls and playing instruments. And the audience are able to watch the live-show video and participate in the interactive items such as prizes quiz via Seashop APP.

Any candidate is able to request cancellation of challenge; the medical experts group could also choose to abort candidate’s challenge based on their physical and mental situation.

After the Season 1 with a perfect ending, the Season 2 is currently being held. Seatel, in the purpose of fulfill its social responsibility, will unite the challenge game with social charity to advocate the public’s care on orphans. Thus all the charity fund of the game will be donated to Kantha Bopha Hospital.

  1. 1.Registration (January 25th – February 25th, 2017):

    Conditions of registration: Nationality: Cambodian;Age: 18 – 40 years old (inclusive);With good behavior and health.

    Rewards: The customers who successfully registered in any Seatel shop will receive a FREE T-shirt.

  2. 2.Pre-election for candidates (February 26th – March 10th 2017):

    10 candidates are pre-elected regarding the result of comprehensive quality evaluation to the next stage.

    All 10 candidates will be rewarded one 4G smart phone from Seatel.

  3. 3.Clicking “like” for candidates (March 11th – March 20th 2017):

    10 candidates’ personal information will be displayed on the page in SEASHOP APP[download] for the fans to click likes. By March 20th, the first 3 candidates winning the most “likes” will enter the final round of the challenge.

  4. 4. Starting of the challenge (Since March 26th 2017):

    The 3 candidates entering the final round will live in 3 isolated rooms, cutting any connections with the outside and fight for the final challenge.

    Location: Seatel CDC【More】。

  1. 1.First prize for the challenger with longest duration, second prize for middle duration and third prize for shortest duration.
  2. 2.The bonus for the challengers will be different according to the duration of loneliness challenge.
Duration Prize
90 days and above 60 days to 89 days 30 days to 59 days 10 days to 29 days
First Prize $10,000 $4,000 $2,000 $1,000
Second Prize $6,000 $2,000 $1,000 $500
Third Prize $3,000 $1,000 $500 $200

Note: Candidate persisting in the house less than 10 days will get the memory awards $100.

    The project “Challenging loneliness! Caring orphans” is held by SEATEL company united with Kantha Bopha Hospital. For the brief instructions of Kantha Bopha Hospital, click to visit the facebook page.

    Public welfare items:
  1. 1.At the final competition of the challenge game, fans can participate in the daily prize quiz to win seacoins, and SEATEL company will make donation to Kantha Bopha Hospital in an equal amount of seacoins that fans wins.
  2. 2..The players in final competition who win the prize will donate 5% of prize to Kantha Bopha Hospital.

* Seatel Company reserves the right for final explanation of this activity.