Powerhouses Combined,Advantages Complemented, New Opportunity of Development Shared ——Informationization Construction Agreement Signed between SEATEL Group and SSEZ Co., Ltd.


  In the morning of June 29th,as representatives of South East Asia Telecom Group(SEATEL) and Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone(SSEZ), Mr. Han Hanchou,CEO of SEATEL, and Mr. Cao Jianjiang, GM of SSEZ, signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on informationization construction.  001.jpg  Mr. Han Hanchou highly praised the lead strategic vision, exceptional determination, advanced business idea and commercial mode of SSEZ, which achieved great success and got highly positive comments from leadership of China and Cambodia. He said, the powerful combination and complementary advantages between SEATEL and SSZE will definitely lead to a new prospect of win-win development.


  SEATEL is a mobile operator giant in Cambodia, Mr. Cao Jianjiang said. Both SEATEL and SSEZ are one of 11 Key Sino-Cambodia “One Belt and One Road” Capacity and Investment Cooperation Projects. We responsibly believe that the powerful combination will be bound to upgrade communication service and informationization management of SSEZ, which offers advanced and outstanding informationization service tosetting-in enterprises and  enhanced the competitiveness of them. 003.jpg

  Yang Liqun, Vice President of SEATEL, Mr. Ban Wei, Deputy GM of SEATEL, were also present at the signing ceremony.