Seatel F1 introduced to Cambodian public


    As the first 4G VoLTE operator in Cambodia, Seatel is well known by its fast & economical 4G mobile network. 

    Seatel keeps striving to produce and introduce new devices suitable for 4G VoLTE network, in purpose of promoting the latest 4G technology to Cambodian public.  Recently, in addition to the Huawei P10 / P10 Plus, Samsung S8 / S8 + these four top high-end models - Seatel F1, a low-end phone is released to gain the share of market segments. Seatel try to achieve that by virtue of ultimate low price!   EN-Seatel-F1-830x480.jpg

    Compare to buy a new dumbphone around $20 to $25 in market price. The “Buy Data, Get FREE phone” promotion thrown by Seatel is far more attractive. Only $29, the subscriber can get them all: 30GB high-speed data, Seatel F1 color-screen phone, with 6 months free on-net call package. It means now users are able to call each other completely free in next half year, if they buy more than 2 phones.       

    The fair price doesn’t affect F1’s quality. Seatel F1 is slim to hold, equipped a 2.4 inch QVGA color-screen, the total weight is less than 100g. F1 supports WIFI hotspot sharing, HD voice call, FM radio and MP3, flashlight and more. It’s rare in market nowadays.  

    Now Seatel F1 is available in all Seatel Shops! Call Seatel now at 0189800800!