SEATEL Group Chairman and President Visited Chinese Ambassador


  On 22 March, 2017, Mr ZUO Huazheng, SEATEL Group Chairman and Mr HAN Hanchou, SEATEL Group President visited Mr XIONG Bo, ambassador from the People's Republic of China.


  Firstly Chairman ZUO Huazheng expressed gratitude to Chinese Embassy and Ambassador XIONG Bo's strong support and help. And then Chairman ZUO Huazheng reported the updates of SEATEL Cambodia Project listed in one of key projects of Sino-Cambodia "One Belt One Road" Key Capacity and Investment Cooperation Projects MOU signed in witness of Prime Minister Hun Sen and Chinese President XI Jinping, expressing that SEATEL is keenly aware of great responsibility, SEATEL Board of Directors immediately held a meeting and decided to add additional investment in Cambodia up to USD 1 billion and we shall do our best to complete every work well to enable SEATEL Cambodia Project as “One Road One Belt”Model Project. President HAN Hanchou briefed SEATEL's operation and business.


  Ambassador XIONG pointed out emphatically that “One Road One Belt” Strategy will bring abundant funds, advanced technologies and management ideas to countries along the routes, upgrading dramatically local employment and social and economic development. Ambassador XIONG highly appreciated SEATEL's great ambition and courage responding to "One Road One Belt" calls in overseas investment and SEATEL's huge efforts to upgrade Cambodia telecom industry to world advanced level. He also praised that SEATEL's Cambodia Youth Sci-Tech Education Base open for free to massive Cambodia youth invested heavily and built by SEATEL, as well as SEATEL's active participation in social public welfare events, all of which create good images of Chinese-invested enterprises.


  Ambassador XIONG expressed as "parent home" and strong shield for overseas Chinese-invested enterprises, Chinese Embassy shall try the best to protect legal rights and interests of Chinese-invested enterprises, no matter state-owned or civilian-run. 

  Consellor LI An of Commercial Section, Chinese Embassy and SEATEL Officer ZHANG Yudong attended this visit.

 Article/Photo ZHANG Yudong