SEATEL Group President Visited Cambodia Minister of MEF


    On July 5th, 2017, Mr HAN Hanchou, President of South East Asia Telecom Group (SEATEL Group) visited H E Aun Porn Moniroth, Minister of Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


     Mr HAN Hanchou introduced that SEATEL’s overall situation of investment, construction and operation of mobile telecom and Internet services in Cambodia, emphasizing on that SEATEL Cambodia Project was listed as 1 of the 11 Key Sino-Cambodia “the Belt & Road” Capacity and Investment Cooperation Projects witnessed by the heads of states of China and Cambodia. Until now, SEATEL has totally invested USD250 million and finished 12,000 km buried optical network and 4G mobile telecom network with signal covering all provinces and most part of rural area across Cambodia. SEATEL also invested in construction of the most advanced and biggest SEATEL Cloud Data Center (CDC) in ASEAN Region and Cambodia Youth Sci-Tech Education Base. 

222.jpg    H E Aun Porn Moniroth expressed gratitude to SEATEL’s investment in Cambodia mobile telecom and Interne business. He said he heard from friends SEATEL really completed promise of “Clear Voice and Clear Consumption”, the strong signal, clear voice and fast Internet speed were very impressive. SEATEL’s achievement is not easy and worth congratulations. He also expressed high appreciation to SEATEL’s earnest efforts in social public welfare, such as donations to orphanage, SEATEL staff taking part in voluntary labor. 333.jpg

    Although H E Aun Porn Moniroth had a tight schedule, he happily accepted the invitation to visit SEATEL Cloud Data Center (CDC) from Mr HAN Hanchou, expressing he would visit CDC shortly. 

    CAO ZHANG Yudong of SEATEL Cambodia accompanied this visit.

Article/ ZHANG Yudong Photo/ Heng Sopheap