SEATEL Staff Warmly Welcome Chinese Naval Fleet’s Friendly Visit to Cambodia



    On October, 1st, 2017, 68th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and near Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, one Navy combined formation consisting of Guided-Missile Destroyer Changchun and Missile Destroyer Jingzhou belonging to East Sea Fleet, Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy friendly visited Kingdom of Cambodia. Mr HAN Hanchou, President of South East Asia Telecom Group (SEATEL) led SEATEL staff to make a special trip to beautiful Sihanoukville, warmly welcoming this Navy fleet. 002.jpg

    These visiting warships are new generation warships developed by China and at international advanced level, among which Changchun Ship is known as "China Aegis". On the occasion of two festivals, Chinese fleet’s visit to Cambodia further strengthened Sino-Cambodian traditional cooperation and promoted the profound friendship between the two Peoples.

     President Han Hanchou and SEATEL staff boarded 052C Missile Destroyer Changchun Ship, under guidance and explanation of naval officer, visited across the Ship and took pictures with the naval officers and sailors.  003.jpg

    On last September 21st, SEATEL signed Strategic Cooperation Memorandum with Cambodia Ministry of National Defense. SEATEL is committed to providing fast, clear, safe and stable mobile and Internet service to Cambodian People and Military Forces.

By: Mr. ZHANG Yudong