Top-up Methods

1. Top-up Card

          Where to buy

Seatel   shops Seatel Spots national wide

Wing   Expresses national wide

TrueMoney   Spots national wide

     Example:  If the Pincode is , then dial  
   To Top-Up :Dial  , top-up result will be texted back.

    * Other Top-up way with pincode: Text 1*Pincode to 1801, or dial 1801  and respond according to the voice reminding,or log in Seashop and enter top-up service page to input pincode to top-up.  

      Pincode also available to buy on Acleda bank ATM、Acleda Unity、Acleda E bank,Pay&Go Kiosks、Pay&Go Wallet App、ABA mobile bank App.

2.Top-Up By Cash

            Available Spots

Seatel shops national wideDistribution

Wing Expresses national wide

Pay&Go KiosksDistribution

    Pay cash at above spots realize top-up for number directly, no need pincode. Pay&Go Kiosks provides self-service, easily top up following the instruction on the kiosks.   

3. Online Top-Up

            Available Apps:

Seashop   AppSupport M-PayAlipayUsing M-Pay top-up enjoys 3%   cash back

Pay&Go   Wallet App

Wing   App

Sabay   Wallet App

   Register to be an user of above apps, enable convenient & fast top-up with you Mobile phone.

   *  Wing Account users can also dial *989# and respond according to the menu choices to top up ( dial with mobile phone number which bundled with the Wing Account) . Cambodia Asia Bank(CAB) Phillip BankBank for Investment and Development of Cambodia (BIDC) Sacombank users can open mobile phone top-up service at related banks’ counter, which enables top-up by sending SMS, top up for own number Edit SMS “Topup amount pay-code”  send to 2222 (Ex: Topup 1 XXXXXX)Top-Up for other numberEdit SMS “Topup amount number-to-be-topup pay-code” send to 2222  (Ex: Topup 1 0181234567 XXXXXX.


Enquiry & Consulting Service

To Check BalanceEdit SMS “101” send to 1800Or Log in Seashop and enter Personal page to check balance and consumption details.

Service Hotline: 1800 / 0189800800


**RemarkWe will timely update this page in case top-up ways or spots changing.