The $4 package for the daytime and the night package for the night, enjoying the endless high-speed data


    Watching movies, checking Facebook and Instagram  on weekends, you need data; 

    Using the mobile phone as a guide on your holiday travel, you need data; 

    Catching up on your favorite TV series or listening to music in late night, you need data.


    Seatel’s 30 Days Plan , the $4 package subscribers will be presented with 1GB high-speed data in each weekend and 2GB high-speed data in each Festival.

    Getting enough data, no matter where you are, you can watch films fluently, check Facebook and Instagram freely and have a good guide by your side.

    (For more information,please click here: the $4 package for 30 days)

    End of the day,  the night falls, while Seatel’s accompany will never pause. The night package, $0.1 only, enjoy 10 hours unlimited high-speed data and unlimited on-net call, valid during 23:00 pm to 9:00 am. Subscribe as you need! $0.1 per one subscription! Seatel’s high-speed data have the good videos and music accompany you every single sleepless night.

    (For more information,please click here: the night package)

    High speed internet access is such  wonderful. You will have high-speed data day and night with Seatel’s combination of packages.

    Log on “seashop”APP and enter telecom service page, seashop download: