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Unbelievable price! Seatel L3 Review

  Another high cost-effective 4G smartphone, named Seatel L3 is releasing to the market, after Seatel L1/L2/V8 and V9. Seatel L3 continued pricing strategy of Seatel, which is best price for public. As the lowest price in series, L3 is an affordable for everyone to enjoy the ultra-fast 4G mobile internet.


  Seatel L3 equipped with 4 inch screen, Quad 1.3GHz spread 9832 processor. On aspect of frequencies, L3 surpass beyond the former model L series, even higher level -- V series.  On another hand, the other configuration has not been modified a lot.  Size: 125*68.6*11mm. The memory is 1GB RAM+8GB ROM, dual SIM, Android 6.0, etc.

1. High Cost-effective

  Seatel launched L3 at the same price with L2, only $35 to get this phone, while the hardware improvement was made. As far as I know, it is the lowest price at the current 4G smartphone market. L3 performs in a middle range, supporting various kinds of app: Facebook, YouTube.  Running app on Seatel’s 4G network is truly enjoyment with tiny cost.  


2. Camera

  Seatel L3 has 2MP + 2MP cameras, it is not a highlight comparing to all other models in market. The camera can meet the basic requirement on photo quality. It did improve the front camera, so the Selfie is better on L3 than L2.   


3. Build & Design

  Seatel L3 looks similar to the former-generation and is a well built device. It’s very compact at 125*68.6*11mm, with 3 gorgeous colors for choices,  white, gray, and golden. 

  Seatel L3 followed the dominant design on buttons lay-out. The power & volume is in the middle of right side. The whole shell is burnished and feels good to hold.

L3-001.jpg4. VoLTE HD call

  The model supports VoLTE HD call, simply setting as below:


  In field testing of VoLTE calls, the voice is crystal clear without any of noise or bloop. The sound quality is similar to face-to-face talking. Besides, the dials always get through extremely fast. 


5. System Performance 

  The following is testing result from Antutu app, the hardware specification scores 23357 decently in middle range devices.  






Spread SC9832(1x1.3GHz)



480 x 800



2MP + 2MP



1G + 8G


Test Score



6. Conclusion

  Seatel L3 is a budget and practical smartphone between entry-level & middle-level. When running Facebook or YouTube, there is no major lag were noticed in day-to-day usage.  L3 is a perfect interpretation to Seatel brand: higher performance with lower cost.