4G stands for the 4th generation of mobile communication technology, it enables extremely fast download with the maximum speed of 150 Mbps, which is almost 40 times faster than the current household broadband network.

The full name of VoLTE is Voice over Long Term Evolution. Such a new technology means a specific milestone in the history of 4G which marks the mature 4G standard. With VoLTE technology, 4G network, meanwhile, contributes to high speed of data services and high quality of both audio and video calls. Compared with the calls through the current 2G and 3G network, what VoLTE technology supplies 4G users with directly are shorter waiting time, higher quality and never the less more natural effect of audio and video calling effects. Since 4GVoLTE utilizes high resolution encoding technology, the quality of audio services could be significantly proved more or less 40 percent.