Seatel Service Spots

Seatel ShopsProvision of full service. With 31 seatel shops running in 23 provinces including Phnom Penh.

Seatel Spots:  Provision of Seatel 4G PhonesMIFIs, SIM cards and Voucher Cards sales. With more than 1000 Seatel Spots locates in provincial capitalscountiestowns and villages.

Top-Up distributor Spots:  Wing Spots nation wide,TrueMoney Spots nation wide,Ly Hour Veluy Spots nation wide, Asia Cash Express Spots nation widePayGo KiosksAcleda ATM provide Seatel number top-up service or top-up PIN available.

Top-Up OnlineSeashop AppWing App, TrueMoney APP, PayGo Wallet AppSabay App support Seatel number online top-up. 

Install Seashop App, top up for own number or other numbers using M-Pay, enjoy 3% refund.