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Global positioning system


1. Brief introduction

  Seatel GPS vehicle management system specially developed for Cambodia transportation industry groups or individual users. It provides GPS vehicle positioning, security and management. Combined with advanced 4G network platform and GPS technology, the system can achieve real-time location request, tracking and monitoring for vehicle. It also helps to inquiry and check the route of the vehicle, the driver’s behavior and traffic condition on the way; meanwhile, it provides analysis report of vehicle scheduling management and fuel consumption so as to facilitate operations management.


2. Product feature

Ø  Inquiry the route of the vehicle, analyze traffic condition

Ø  Positioning the trajectory of the vehicle

Ø  Vehicle scheduling management, fuel consumption monitoring

Ø  Historical information inquiry, Convenient vehicle management


3. Service handling

        For more information, please contact Seatel customer service hotline 0189800800 or your group customer manager.