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Notice on Commendation for Excellent Employees in Network Access Testing of One Famous Brand Mobile Phones


  In order to seize market opportunity and promote SEATEL’s leapfrog development, since November 2017, in network access testing of one famous brand mobile phones, according to the situation of many participation units, difficult coordination, tight time, high requirement and strict standard, based on the spirit of continuous fighting, Mr ZHANG Kai and other staff made reasonable plan, working day and night, even working for continuous more than 30 hours, sometimes only resting for 2-4 hours per day, and finally completing all testing work within 84 days. Compared with 3-4 months that are required by the common industrial testing, they created the shortest net-in testing record of that famous brand. During the testing, 130 tests from 6 models and 3 major types were completed; 22 DRX parameters were modified; 27,453 parameters were adjusted; 6 Core Network parameters were modified; and GBA software version was upgraded once.

  In order to praise the advanced, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all staff, according to the order of SEATEL management, we hereby notify the commendation for Mr ZHANG Kai and other 27 Excellent Employees (List in Attachment) in testing of the famous brand mobile phones.

  We hope the Excellent Employees to keep modest and careful, cherishing honor and create better performance, playing the roles of advanced and backbone at work in the future. All staff shall learn from these Excellent Employees, making greater contributions to SEATEL’s sustainable and fast development. 

List of Excellent Employees in Network Access Testing

ZHANG Kai, WU Kunduan, Jo YONG, XIE Bin, Vong Voeurn, PENG Jun, DONG Changhao, Sorn Veasna, Som Sovannara, LIN Gang, LIU Wenquan, Hay Sokkheang, YANG Daixu, ZHANG Weishuang, Sa You sos, Mat Yahya, Veng Chhay Kheang, Souseth Sereysophea, Khon Sithuon, Prak Rumnea, Seang Chhim, Noeun Chamnab, Leak Sreycheat, Chheang Hongseang, Prak Daro, Keo Sortheyvicheth, Hang Darapich and Yim Bun Nhat