SEATEL C1 Super PTT —— Nationwide Intercom, Brand-new Break-though


    On base of preserving traditional functions of PTT, Super PTT SEATEL C1 takes advantage of the world’s most advanced 4G VoLTE network technology to open an era of  multi-media intercom as pioneer.

Gorgeous Multi-Function Device

    As super PTT,SEATEL C1 integrates multi practical functions into one device,besides working as hot spot,  music player and flash light, it also can be used as power bank to charge for other mobile devices.

    Designed as full keyboard with 2.4 inches screen, the black main body of C1 goes with orange function buttons,fashionable and fresh.  Bumps & textures on 2 sides fits the palm closely, making you feel comfortable when hold C1.


Nationwide intercom, conversation encrypted

    SEATEL C1 accomplishes intercom function via 4G digital network. Relying on SEATEL's 4G VoLTE network across whole Cambodia, nationwide intercom is available for C1 with zero-resistance and infinite possibility uncaged.

Compared with traditional PTT,  using public frequencies and easily interfered and eavesdropped, SEATEL C1 adopts 4G VoLTE dedicated frequency, strongly encrypted and uncrackable, the safety of conversation is assured.

PTT, but also 4G Phone

As super PTT, SEATEL C1 is the combination of PTT and 4G Phone. Besides intercom nationwide, C1 can be used to make a HD voice call or share Wifi hotspot.


Professional level and first-rate sound quality

    Press the orange button at right side, C1 turns out to be Mini speaker with professional level and first-rate sound quality as Pro-Audio, it's the top pick when you stay outside! Choose C1, music goes with you together.


Ultra-long standby and endurance power

Equipped with 5000mAh battery,SEATEL C1 possesses ultra-long standby and endurance power, as long as 13.5hs conversation and 14-day standby, fitting constant conversation perfectly.

Usage Scenarios Recommended

Government Department, Off-site Organizations, Construction Site, Self-driving Tour, Hiking, Hotel, KTV, Restaurants & Bars, Warehouse Carrying, Wedding, Security Team and factories, etc.


Value Pack Recommended       

2 value packs available right now!  


Value pack



pack 1



2.  Value pack worth $30 ($2 intercoms & $2 on-net call & 1G high-speed   data) * 6 months

pack 2



2.  Value pack worth $10 ($2 intercoms & $2 on-net call & 1G high-speed data) * 2 months

Remarks: Renew  After running out of given packs, reduced rate ($3 per month which valued at $5)offered.


    For value pack 1, value pack worth $30 deducted, only $40 needs to be paid actually, the top pick to recommend!

    SEATEL C1 PTT is coming soon and available at all SEATEL shops across Cambodia,stay tuned!More details, call 1800 (On-net), 0189800800 (Across-net). Stock is limited, seize the opportunity NOW!