SEATEL Held Annual Work Meeting



      On 10th February, 2018, the 2017 Work Sum-Up and 2018 Mobilization Meeting of South East Asia Telecom (Cambodia) Co, Ltd (SEATEL) was held at Floor 6 Meeting Room of HQ. Mr YAO Yuejin, Vice Chairman of SEATEL Group and Chairman of SEATEL Cambodia, Mr HAN Hanchou, President of SEATEL Group and GM of SEATEL Cambodia, the management of SEATEL, the backbone staff and excellent employees attended it, during which Chairman YAO and President HAN issued the commendation certificates to 2017 excellent employees.

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Mr HAN Hanchou, President of SEATEL Group and GM of SEATEL Cambodia reviewed 2017 work, fully recognizing the efforts and contributions made by all staff in 4G marketing & sales, cloud business sales, business development of lottery and financial service, network optimization and maintenance, IT support, finance and admin, etc.

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Mr HAN expressed that recently the technology testing of Iphones entered the final stage, and Iphones would become available soon; cooperation agreement had been signed with Alipay, and marketing was already started; WeChat payment cooperation agreement was signed and was officially launching the market promotion; we had already cooperation with Bestpay of China Telecom; we had signed cooperation with Xiaomi and Xiaomi smartphones were being launched in Cambodia. SEATEL’s 4G walkie-talkies had been introduced to the market, which can realize safe national dialogue in privacy, well popular in the market; 4G business, broadband business and cloud computing business were in rapid development; the lottery business had been on trial operation; the game business and Internet payment had been promoted. In one short, various elements of business development have gradually come into beings.

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Chairman YAO gave an important speech, emphasizing that the management of SEATEL had established a relative good basic mobile telecom network and had completed big deal of work for SEATEL’s development; in 2018, we shall try the best to do well mobile telecom as main business, more localization and internationalization in corporate management and operation, deeper penetrating into local market and consumers, and hard working to realize various tasks for Year 2018.