ID Registration Guidance

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1. Why require ID registration for SIM card?

According to Announcement No.001 issued jointly by Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of the Kingdom of Cambodia, in order to ensure national security and social stability of the Kingdom of Cambodia, protect legal rights and interests of common people, Seatel requires all users register with valid ID documents.

2. How to open account with valid ID documents?

Customer’s own original valid ID documents is necessary when need to open a mobile number account.

Agent needs to show his/her own original valid ID documents, besides ID documents of customer’s, when delegated by the customer.

In case group customers apply to open accounts as a whole, original business certificate of the group shall be provided, as well as original ID documents of the agents and users.

3. What are the valid personal ID documents?

For Kingdom of Cambodia Citizens: Including valid ID card, valid passport, valid driver license, valid government officer certificate or other identity documents recognized by Cambodia government.

For Foreign personnel: Passport with valid visa.

4. How to check ID registration status for the SIM card?

Seashop App: Login Seashop and enter personal profile page to check if the user name is right or not.

Customer Service Hotline: Call in the hotline to confirm registration status with assistance from our customer service specialists.

Seatel Shop: Visit Seatel shops to enquiry information with own valid ID documents. 

5. What is the consequence if a SIM card is not registered or wrongly registered?

According to the regulation of the Kingdom of Cambodia, since Nov 1st, 2016, the un-registered user will take the consequence of not available to get access to the mobile services.

Wrong ID registration might cause service requests obstacles since the registered ID information is not matched.

6. What are the ways to update ID profile for registration or modify profile for registration?

Seashop App: Login seashop, enter ‘Me’ – ‘Setting’ – ‘Account’ – ‘ID registration’, choose ID type, fill in ID number and name, upload photo of the valid ID certificates, click ‘CONFIRM’ to finish registration.

Seatel ShopVisit Seatel shop to register with original valid ID document and the SIM card.

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