Unlimited Night Package


Great news! SEATEL 30 days Unlimited Night Package has been launched!

One time subscription, enjoy 30 days, for only $2!

  • 30 Days of unlimited high-speed internet and on-net calls: 23:00 to the next 9:00.

  • One time subscription, enjoy 30 days, for only $2!





Valid period


Effective time slot

30 days unlimited night package


30 days

unlimited high-speed internet + on-net   calls within valid period

2300- the next 9:00

Single unlimited night package

0.1 USD

1 day


Effective mode:

Subscribing during 23:00 to the next 9:00, it takes effect instantly;

Subscribing during 9:00 to 23:00 on the current day, it takes effect since 23:00 on the current day.


Renew mode:

Auto-renew by default, however able to be cancelled by SEASHOP APP or hotline service.


Subscription methods


For 30 days

For single

By codes

Dial 1800*34*

Dial 1800*33*

By Seashop APP

Log on SEASHOP APP, “Telecom”->“Unlimited Night   package”

Log on SEASHOP APP,“Telecom”->“Unlimited Night package” 

By hotline

Dial 1800 for customer representative service

By front desk

Subscribe in any SEATEL shop

*seashop download: http://app.seatelgroup.com/dl/shop/ .



Only available for SEATEL 018 number users.