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Star of the Month: Mr. FU Daxin


  Since his entry into SEATEL, with practical and hard work style, Mr FU Daxin insists on customer orientation, giving full play to the backbone staff and making contributions to base station transmission and Dedicated Internet Access Construction, etc.

I. Organize Transmission Construction Carefully

  After his entry, Mr FU Daxin studied hard to master network construction skills, such as SEATEL network topology and microwave transmission, etc, innovating working ideas and methods, which achieved obvious effects. In order to strengthen schedule management of base station transmission project, upon repeated study in procedure, documents and reports, he did according optimization and improved performance efficiency. During the construction of base stations, based on active communications with suppliers and careful feedback and reports, he solved problems arising from the construction properly, completing perfectly the work missions, including the trunk construction, connecting to 8,856 KM Phase I and II FOC transferred to fixed asset, opening of 277 base stations.

II. Actively Expand DIA Market Share

  Under strong cooperation sense, his professional dedication spirit runs through the whole procedure of marketing, budget and construction management, promoting to publicize and upgrade SEATEL brand image. In negotiations together with Customer Manager, he shows advantages of SEATEL Network products fully in professional vision, increasing success rate of contract signing obviously. He devoted himself into work, handing DIA requirements quickly and high efficiently, accumulatively having finished 312 deals in budget, assisting in development and opening of 152 deals, accounting for 75% of total DIA deals. In construction, he strictly controlled the schedule and delivered the project on time. In later construction period, he explained maintain matters to the subscriber in details, based on re-visiting, helped the subscriber out of trouble so that the subscriber trusted in SEATEL brand more.  

III. Promote Teamwork Cooperation Efficiently

  Together with his teamwork, Mr FU Daxin undertakes the work of transmission, base stations and DIA opening, etc. Usually he paid attention to build the teamwork atmosphere of trust and mutual assistance, improving the cooperation among the members through A/B role and other methods, and high efficient performance of various work missions. He cared development of each member, organizing training and sharing irregularly aimed at promoting the overall professional level of the teamwork. 


Brief of Mr FU Daxin

Mr FU Daxin, Supervisor of Wireless Network Center, PCD, started working in SEATEL since December, 2016.