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Star of the Month: Mr. In Veasna


  Since Mr In Veasna’s entry, he has worked diligently and managed to successfully complete the assigned tasks, making outstanding contributions to the channel sales construction and management.

I. Expand Channel Construction

  Mr In Veasna actively promoted channel construction, since his entry, cultivating industriously regional markets through dense visiting to potential partners across villages, towns and streets in Svay Rieng Province. He carefully evaluated the qualifications and position of the partners, and in the process of negotiation and cooperation, he strived for the best interests of SEATEL, meanwhile, inspiring the maximum sales potential of the partners. In the process of cooperation, Mr. In Veasna paid attention to the combination of advertisement, training and support, expanding publicity through advertising, letting partners familiar with products and services through training and realizing timely dynamic management of the inventory and sales of partners through providing support in technology, inventory and logistics, etc. Under the leadership of Mr In Veasna, in 2017, the sales team of Svay Rieng Province sold 6702 terminals in total as the silver medal winner of national sales, one member of his team became National Sales Champion.

II. Promote Service Improvement

  Mr In Veasna attached particular importance to providing quality services to customers. In order to provide customers with satisfactory experience, he organized the training of service standards for the business hall staff, formulating the incentive measures to improve the service, and effectively promoting the service level of business halls in Svay Rieng Province. Based on the attitude of serving customers with his full heart, he patiently handled every complaint from the customer, thus every problem of customer’s concern is solved carefully. He put SEATEL’s every channel sales policy to practice, further strengthening the consumption market's recognition of SEATEL’s products and services, and enhancing the reputation of SEATEL's brand.

III. Good at Solving Problems

  With high enthusiasm, Mr In Veasna was very good at finding the best solution. Every time operation point found him because of some problem, he always analysed the problem from each chain orderly, digging out the root of the problem, and then making targeted solutions, finally the cooperation relationship with partner would be strengthened and the steady sales growth would be promoted.


Brief of Mr. In Veasna

Province Supervisor of Sales Department, started working in SEATEL since June, 2016.