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Star of the Month: Mr. Keo Bunnarith


Since his entry to SEATEL, based on strong sense of responsibility and dedication spirit, Mr Keo Bunnarith has been working hard, completing carefully and rigorously the work assigned by his superiors.

I. Improve Warehouse Management Level

Mr Keo Bunnarith completes his duty in high standard and quality. On the premise of his work not delayed, learning warehouse management knowledge of HUAWEI and ZTE in spare time and applying the learned knowledge to his working practice. Under 5S Standard, namely Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke, he regularly cleans the warehouse and keeps it neat and tidy. Meanwhile, he does a good job in the acceptance, bookkeeping and distribution of materials and equipment out-put / in-put of warehouse, ensuring the consistence between materials and book based on accurate and exact out-put / in-put data, and improving the on-site management level of the warehouse.

II. Carry Out The Job Duties Carefully

With good sense of cooperation and strong sense of responsibility, in his daily work, Mr Keo Bunnarith can speak the exact quantities, specifications and storage locations of battery, optical cable and RRU, etc in storage at any time. During the crashing of projects, he carried materials to the construction / installation sites with his own motorcycle, and assisted the on-site colleagues in the construction work and solved many problems. Every time SEATEL’s new purchased equipment arrived at night or early morning, he stuck to his position until the unloading and acceptance of goods were finished and then went back home. For his dedication, he never complained or minded his personal gain or loss.

III. Handle Emergencies Properly

In September, 2017, the main generator of the CDC was unable to start due to battery defect. After the approval of departmental leader, Mr Keo Bunnarith activated Emergency Maintenance Plan to ensure the stable operation of Core Network. In addition, for every time of maintenance, he always fed back actively the work demand, even when he had vacation at home, he still rushed to the warehouse as the first, striving for precious time for the smooth progress of the maintenance work.


Brief of Mr. Keo Bunnarith

Mr Keo Bunnarith, Warehouse Keeper of Planning  & Construction Department, has been working in SEATEL since March, 2016.