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Star of the Month: Mr. Khon Sithuon


  Since Mr Khon Sithuon entered SEATEL, with high sense of responsibility and hardworking, he strongly ensured the safety and stability of SEATEL’s electrical system, playing an important leading role in team building.

I.  Promote Capability Building

  Through self-study and communication with suppliers, Mr Khon Sithuon has worked hard to increase his professional knowledge and enrich his practice ability. As member of SEATEL electric expert team, he actively provides training for other employees, sharing his experience with other colleagues aimed at improving the overall electrical support capability.

II. Play Leading Role

  Under professional ethics and being fearless of difficulties, Mr Khon Sithuon resided long-term at CDC and monitored power system’s 24h normal operation with his team according to the annual, monthly, weekly and daily inspection plans. As the team leader, he is always first to bear hardship, fully playing the leading role. For example, in 2015 on the occasion of urgent beginning of CDC construction, he organized team members, continuously fighting overtime day and night to complete connection and testing of EDC 2500 KVA power lines, sometimes failed to eat timely. In 2017,AC Transformer Room at Floor G of HQ caught fire, he was the first to rush into the firing room, taking emergency measures, including using fire extinguisher and switching off power, successfully controlling the fire as soon as possible and lowering the loss to minimum.

III. Reduce Operation Costs

  Mr Khon Sithuon is skilled at making scientific arrangements aimed at reducing operation costs. For instance power generator consumes large amounts of fuel in full day operation, after calculation and optimization, he made Work and Rest Schedule of Power Generator, under which power generator shall rest for 10 hours after 14 hours’ working to reduce fuel consumption and wastage of the equipment. He often supervises and urges team members to develop the good habit of saving energy starting from small details, such as turning off lights, air-conditions and computers, etc, putting SEATEL’s requirements into practice of every team member. 


Brief of Mr Khon Sithuon

Cambodian citizen, Electrical Supervisor Engineer of Operation & Maintenance Department, started working in SEATEL since April, 2015.