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Star of the Month: Mr. Tao Yan


  Since his entry to SEATEL, with diligent working attitude, Mr. Tao Yan has actively expanded international roaming business, carefully maintained customer relationships, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of roaming services.

1.  Complete key performance indicatorsearnestly

  Mr. Tao Yan has assisted the company and completed the IRA agreement with more than a dozen telecom operators since he joined the company. In order to ensure that the company's cooperation with some of its operator partners commenced as scheduled, he coordinated internal and external resources to conduct roaming tests to ensure that all parameters passed acceptance. In the negotiation of international roaming tariffs, he successfully obtained roaming preferential prices (IoT) from China Unicom, which reduced the cost of international roaming services. At the same time, he successfully completed the development tasks of Merchant Alliance business, Mpay and other related businesses. Among them, Eleven One Kitchen is the first merchant entered Merchant Alliance and Mpay.

2.  Assist in Establishing Business Channels

Mr. Tao Yan has assisted in establishing contact channels with Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, China Unicom, and China Telecom and other companies. He is good at seizing the opportunity to promote Seatel. With presence to many international roaming and industrial conferences, he focuses on industry development trends and actively seek potential cooperation opportunities through international forums, Facebook groups and other methods. He carefully collected the contact information of well-known operators and ISPs in the ASEAN countries and surrounding key countries and regions, and promoted and introduced the company together with colleagues in the industry conferences such as WAS International Roaming. He actively assisted our company to enter the regional circle and improved Seatel brand's popularity in the international telecommunication market.

3.  Service-driven business development

  Mr. Tao Yan combines customer needs and services to drive business development. In the course of Bizkhmer's customer development, he was enthusiastic in his service and always patiently responded to questions raised by customers and patiently solved the solution. He made several visits to customers and help them to migrate data, set up the environment, etc. He used PPT and case presentation methods again and again to vividly demonstrate the advantages of our products to customers. After conducting a comprehensive inspection, Bizkhmer decided that our products are cost-effective and service-friendly and decided to cooperate with the company.


Brief of Mr. Tao Yan

Tao Yan, Male, Executive of International Business Department, started working in SEATEL since February, 2015.