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Star of the Month: Ms. Keo Vannsodany


    Since Ms. Keo Vannsodany entry into Company, with high responsibility sense, she has been working hard as Supervisor of Network Operation Centre, leading the teamwork to complete various operation maintenance tasks and achieve remarkable results.

I. Handle Emergency Properly 

   Ms Keo Vannsodany always adheres to high quality and high standard at work, good at analyzing difficult problems, requiring her team members to focus each alarm signal of OTN, IPRAN, core network and ENOBEB and make relevant record well for analysis, and tracking and solve every problem real-time. In order to improve the efficiency of network troubleshooting, she actively coordinated with subcontractors, homeowners and Company's internal team to ensure that problems were properly handled soonest. She is always concerned about the stable operation of network, whether at daytime, at night or on holidays, ensuring her phone accessible 24-hour for providing one-to-one services to important DIA customers.

II. Company’s Interest as First Priority

    Ms Keo Vannsodany is highly effective in her actions, always playing the role of a model leader and being good at dealing with problems related to the interests of Company peacefully. In September 2017, she led her team to work overtime, in one week completing checking three-month electricity charge bills of nearly 800 stations shared by E.CO together and receiving electricity fee more than $5000, during which she carefully checked each record and analysed bills with possible something wrong, continuously comparing it with partner ensure the omission or error will not occur. In daily work, she attaches great importance to the risk guarding, for some stations whose maintenance service agreement have not been signed yet, in order to avoid failure, she and her team together timely identify suspicious signal to avoid the risk occurrence and ensure the smooth operation.

III. Strengthen Internal Communication

    As the manager of NOC team, she has maintained a very good relationship with her colleagues around her. She would like to share experience and knowledge and provide help and advice to colleagues. She listened to the ideas and suggestions of her team members with an open mind and collected good ideas through brainstorming, which often provides a reasonable reference for solving problems.


Brief of Ms Keo Vansodan

Ms Keo Vansodan, Supervisor of Operation & Maintenance Department, has been working in SEATEL since July, 2008.