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Star of the Month: Ms. Lo Yuk


    Since her entry to SEATEL, Ms Lo Yuk always keeps the attitude of hard work, pragmatism, chariness and responsibility, making outstanding contributions to Finance and Auditing Department.

I. Conduct Taxation Work Carefully

     Ms Lo Yuk helps her colleagues learn and understand tax knowledge and promote cooperation of teamwork. In her daily work, she paid attention to the results and completed the special tasks, such as tax inspection, data preparation and tax review. She is good at cost consciousness, avoiding some unnecessary fees and taxes in the daily tax work, such as signs and billboards, saving the cost for SEATEL. In July 2017, through careful verification, she found that the electricity deposit of some provincial departments was abnormal, and she coordinated the relevant departments to properly handle it, reducing financial risk.

II. Strong Sense of Responsibility

    Ms Lo Yuk has a strong sense of responsibility, making solid efforts to clear customs, tax refund and other affairs. She actively assists with OMD and Marketing Department in clearing customs, carefully checking all documents. According to SEATEL’s requirements, she made accurately the documents required for Free Duty List and the COC reports. At the same time, she carefully planned taxation management, so that business tax, duty, enterprise income tax, income share from partners and other government taxes and fees should be declared and paid reasonably in compliance. The data and material submit to Taxation Department are detailed, complete and convincing strongly, together with her self-confidence, natural communication style, achieving effective docking between Taxation Department, TRC and other government departments.

III.Without Thought of Personal Gain or Loss

    Under high work enthusiasm and with full of passion Ms Lo Yuk works hard and seriously, sometimes at sickness, regardless of personal gain or loss, skilfully arranging all the work in good order. When FAD is short of manpower, she actively applied to share other work, removing difficulties for FAD and obtaining the wide praise from colleagues.


Brief of Ms Lo Yuk

Supervisor of FAD, Cambodia citizen, started working in SEATEL from March, 2016.